Taste Of Italy

Thanks for your support in making Taste of Italy 2021 a success. Here are the numbers.

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We are thrilled with the results of the 2021 Taste of Italy Virtual Trade Fair in Texas. And it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of everyone who tasted and attended virtual meetings. Similarly, it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our partners.

Thanks also goes to the Italian General Consul in Houston who not only helped the IACC to mount the fair but also attended one of our virtual dinners where he spoke at length about Italian gastronomy as part of the country’s cultural heritage and economic engine.

Here are some numbers from the fair:

25 exhibitors

    1. – 42 buyers


    1. – 170 virtual meetings


    – 8 YouTube video interviews (see below)

And beyond the exhibitor meetings and video presentations, the follow events took place during the fair:

Maremma Consortium In-Person Tasting, March 8

    1. – Business-to-business meetings, March 15-26


    1. – Webinar with Brian Larky (CEO, Dalla Terra) “

State of the Italian Wine Trade


    1. – Authentic Italian Table Virtual Dinner made possible with the support of the Extraordinary Italian Taste campaign, March 17


    1. – Webinar with

Primitivo di Gioia del Colle Consortium

    1. – Extra-virgin olive oil Masterclass for media, April 20


    – Extra-virgin olive oil Masterclass for Central Market (TBD)