Taste Of Italy

Featured speaker (New Orleans): Laura Bellucci mixologist

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Mixologist Laura Bellucci will be leading a “Grappa Based Cocktails” seminar on Tuesday, March 31 (2:30 p.m.) at Taste of Italy New Orleans. Sponsored by Hello Grappa.

Fascinated with the history of New Orleans and Absinthe, the famed green elixir, Laura Bellucci began developing the concept for her mixology program at Belle Epoque (New Orleans) in 2018. She researched the history of the building and developed a cocktail menu structured to tell the history of absinthe in Europe and New Orleans, as well as the history of The Old Absinthe House, which dates back to 1806. She collected certified historic accounts of the building to compile a complete history of the establishment and worked to have the historic marble water-drip absinthe fountains restored. Laura partnered with Sylvia Thompson Dias in developing the aesthetics of the bar, consulting with architects and a design team to create an enchanting experience that transports guests to a different time and place. She is passionate about the preservation of historic bars across America. Laura’s drinks have been featured on the websites of USA Today, Forbes, Saveur, Liquor.com, Thrillist, Maxim, The Food Network, Supercall, Marie Claire and many more.